big pig

Friday I watched a show on Hogzilla (and subsequently went out for bbq pork that night). Last night I decided to look him up in Wikipedia. I have gotten a kick out of all the names for all the so-called “monster pigs”! Check’em.

Though I think both Hogzilla and Hog Kong win awards for the best names, boo to the Coursey Hog and Monster Pig. At least Monster Pig had a couple of nicknames like Hogzilla II and Pigzilla.

But the best of all is that ol’ Monster Pig was really a hog named Fred.

Fred is now about 600 pounds of sausage. No word about the amount of bacon, pork chops, pulled pork, ham, or pickled pigs feet Fred now represents.

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  • Just to let you know…I investigating this Monster Pig hoax and found among many other new facts that the sausage that Mike Stone picked up was on 300 pounds–not 700 pounds–according to him and other people he told.

    This fact suggests the hog was, in fact, much smaller than 1,000 pounds. The meat expected from a pig is approx. 74% of the whole hog before slaughter. 700 would be right if pig were 1,000 pounds. There were no independent witnesses to weigh-in.

    I will be publishing Part II of my report very soon. This time it will appear on both, our not-for-profit, no ads, Internet media ethics publication AND

    Just thought you and your readers might like to know…

  • One of the sad (and under-reported) angles on this story – this was a family pet up until three weeks before he was killed. They sold him to a large animal farm and they put him on the exotic hunting ranch. 🙁

  • Dad

    Don’t care how big it is, there’s only four pickled pig’s feet – really BIG ones, but only four.

  • Kevin, you are right that it’s underreported. However my investigation has shown it was purchased and released 4 DAYS BEFORE it was shot. Farmer Blissitt told me it was, in fact, gentle, not a wild vicious beast as advertised by the boy’s family and professional hunters.