Airport Anger

Taxi-ing at DFWI usually keep my cool in airports. I mean, I’ve done a lot of traveling in the past few years and I’ve my share of things that go wrong.

I’ve had canceled flights, flights that turn around minutes after take-off for repair, long delays, and lost bags. Most of the time I just roll with it.

I guess it’s mostly because I realize that usually I have no control over what’s happening but what I can control is how I react to it. And often, the people I’m dealing with aren’t those responsible for my situation. For example, it’s not the gate agent’s fault that a plane has a mechanical problem. Why take out anything on the agent?

But yesterday I about lost it. I’m not proud of it, but it was probably the most anger I’ve had at the airport — at least in a long time.

We booked our flight on Orbitz and found a good deal on a round trip that had us on United and “co-chaired” with US Air. On our way out we checked in and flew on United. So when it was time to return we stood in the LONG United line.

It was early in the morning and I only had about 90 minutes of sleep the night before. And I was hot. Hot, tired, and probably could have used another cup of coffee by then.

When we got to the kiosk to check-in, we were locked out and told to go to US Air. We confirmed this with the agent and manager after some, uh, not-so-subtle annoyed verbal and facial expressions. What made it worse is that we could see our flight number and everything on the board. “That’s our flight right there! Let us check-in!”

So we had to lug everything out of line to US Air. Even though it was across the airport, it wasn’t a far walk and the line was very short. That agent told us United forgot to open that ticket or something so we could check in either place.

I repent. But man was I mad.

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