Russia, Reuters, and Reaction

What a crazy story. You ready for all this?

If you haven’t been keeping up, last week Russia planted a titanium Russian flag on the bottom of the sea under the North Pole. They did it to “lay claim” to the Arctic’s riches. The Russian expedition lead said:

If a hundred or a thousand years from now someone goes down to where we were, they will see the Russian flag.

Additionally, a top Russian government official said:

[This is] a new stage of developing Russia’s polar riches. This is fully in line with Russia’s strategic interests. I am proud our country remains the leader in conquering the Arctic.

A US State Department spokesman said:

[Planting a flag] doesn’t have any legal standing or effect on this claim. It certainly to us doesn’t represent any kind of substantive claim.

Canada’s Foreign Minister also jumped in:

This isn’t the 15th century. You can’t go around the world and just plant flags and say ‘We’re claiming this territory’. Our claims over our Arctic are very well-established.

Russia says “Mine!”
The US says “Whatever.”
Canada says “Pshaw!”

But the story hasn’t gotten fun yet. Remember, you can’t just go around planting flags, right?

Turns out the “well-established” claim to the Arctic by Canada happened in 1974 when Canada put a flag under the ice of the North Pole, not the bottom of the ocean. But they do have a capsule on the bottom of the ocean. But they didn’t mean to put it there. It slipped and sank.

And now the humor level steps up again.

Reurters was the group who was sent down to report and record what the Russians did. When they released a photo of the Russian expedition, it was a 13-year old Finnish boy who looked at it and said, “Hey, that photo is from the Titanic!”

Reuters said, Uh, oopsies.

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  • I’m planting my personal flag at Bubaloo’s Bodacious Barbecue. You may all continue to eat there–I’m feeling generous.

  • Too funny! I’m with Brent! Bubbalou’s BBQ is great…you may have some competition with our family over who staked the claim first! LOL 🙂