Monkish with hangers

Monkish Tendencies, originally uploaded by orangejack.

I don’t know what it is, but I get all Adrian Monk on my closet hangers. I have to have all white, plastic hangers. I hate using those wire hangers from the cleaners and those silly pants hangers with the clips on them. I only stray from this when I have a nice suit hanger for a suit.

And what’s driving me crazy right now is that I’m running out of hangers. I think it’s time for a closet purge.

But I’m not that Monkish about pretty much anything else.

What’s your Monkish tendencies?

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  • I can’t stand having my dollar bills in my wallet upside down, turned around facing the wrong way, or out of numerical order! All the 1’s must go first, followed by 5’s, then 10’s, then 20’s. I don’t get past any $20 bills these days…:o(…maybe one day we’ll carry around $50 dollar bills and $100 bills. Anyway, they must all be facing forward, in order and right-side up. It absolutely unnerves me when I see someone else’s wallet stuffed with dollar bills hanging out or all jumbled together in no order at all or worse yet, crumpled! That’s a no-no to me!!! LOL