Watch as Compass

I’ve seen this trick on Man vs. Wild, but I could never remember it. It’s a great tip for how to use a watch as a compass:

compass watch

Hold a watch with 12 o’clock at your left then turn so that the hour hand points to the sun. The halfway point from the hour hand and the 12 is south.

However, be cautioned that this only works when:

1. The sun is visible and
2. It’s not a digital watch

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  • It also matters where in the world you are!

  • Right, northern hemisphere only. If in southern hemisphere, the resulting direction would be north. Right?

  • rob

    Jerry, I’m not sure. I guess look for moss on a tree and know it’s on the north side, right?

    Or isn’t everything in the southern hemisphere backwards from the northern? I’ve only been there once…barely when we were in Kenya and that was more equatorial than anything else.

  • rob

    Okay, looking at the comments on the original post, they say:

    In the Southern Hemisphere you point the 12 at the sun, and halfway between that and the hour hand is North.


    Don’t forget you need to subtract an hour from the watch face in the summer (daylight saving time).

  • Now I’m thoroughly confused by all the comments. So, I’m quite sure that in the event I am stuck in the middle of nowhere and only have a watch to guide me as a compass, I will never remember all the stuff you just said. LOL

    Oh, well…thanks for the info, though!!