Pyroclastic Draft Results

pyroclastic25.08.07::Orlando, Florida – Coach Williams took his new look team into today’s draft optimistically. It’s not just a new roster for Coach Williams, but also a new name and logo.

Last month, the coach officially announced the team name and logo changed. The Orlando Bullsharks are now extinct in the East Coast Football Club.

Coach Williams also dropped the traditional two-named team format to go with just one. The new team is Pyroclastic.

Named for the unbelievable destructive forces during a volcanic eruption, Coach believes his 2007 Pyroclastic team will be fast, hot, a bit gassy, and very destructive.

Though the logo shows a lava breech, pyroclastic flows don’t make for the best logos. They are just too damaging to be iconified.

Following is the new roster for Pyroclastic:

QB : Eli Manning
QB : Matt Schaub
RB : Steven Jackson
RB : Willis McGahee
RB : Brandon Jacobs
RB : Fred Taylor
WR : Larry Fitzgerald
WR : Lee Evans
WR : Santana Moss
WR : Brandon Jones
TE : Kellen Winslow Jr
TE : Marcus Pollard
PK : Josh Brown
DE : Carolina Panthers
DE : Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Teams start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB-WR-TE Flex, 1 PK, and 1 DE.

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