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  • Which raises all sorts of other questions…..

    Are you trying to stop the Devil, or are you helping the Devil?

    What does the Devil look like?

    Does the Devil fight well? (Assuming you are trying to stop the Devil from beating your wife).

    What is the Devil doing in Winter Park? Is he on Park Avenue?

    How did the Devil meet Mrs. Orangejack?

    Is Mrs. Orangejack fighting back?

    Is the Devil beating Mrs. Orangejack for doing bad or doing good?

    Is watching the Devil beat your wife amusing or interesting or horrifying?

    Did your wife deserve to be beat by the Devil? That is, was she a good wife. Bad wives don’t deserve a beating from the Devil because they are doing what he wants, right?

    What happens after the Devil is done beating your wife?

    I’ll look for a complete report in the morning.

  • Glad to see that I am not the only one that thought you were referring to your wife! Which by the way, I am cracking up at Jerry’s comment!
    I read it again, and I think it is the use of “Rob” and then the pronoun “His” that appears you are talking about Rob’s wife. Rather than, I am watching the Devil beat his wife.
    So bizarre that Jason mentioned the same thing today when he saw it raining while the sun was shining. I’ve never heard that before and told Jason that didn’t sound very nice.

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