Status Updates Deactivated

Based on unsolicited feedback from a few people (yes, I have a flimsy spine), I’m turning off the status updates that appear on this blog. You know, they are the one-line things telling you what I’m up to: my micro-blogging.

So from now on if you wanna know what I’m up to, you can follow me in Facebook (private unless you’re my friend) or Twitter (public).

But right now I’m getting ready for the Clemson-FSU game after taking my wife out to Outback Steakhouse.

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  • Our dinner date was great!

  • Thank you! I didn’t ask, but I was finding them annoying.

  • What a game, eh? I was actually rooting for Clemson in that one. Actually, I root for whoever is playing against FSU.

  • Yea — a great game!

  • I like your blog better without the updates. Thanks babe.