Felix the Cat 5 lands

Dang. Nicaragua is getting slammed this morning by a Category 5 hurricane, Felix.

It almost seems that the 2007 pattern is low in the Caribbean which means Central America and the Yucatan may be in for a long hurricane season (like Central Florida in 2004, North Carolina in another year I can’t remember). These ‘canes seem to go in patterns.

And check this out:

Felix is the second category 5 hurricane to make landfall this year, and before Hurricane Dean a week or so ago, there were no land falling hurricanes at category 5 status for 15 years. Now here in 2007, two back-to-back category 5 hurricanes making landfall, and both hurricanes Dean and Felix were intensifying at the time of landfall.

When you look at the map of Felix vs Dean and with a possible repeat with now Invest 98 probably becoming a Tropical Depression soon, I see a pattern that doesn’t bode well for Central America.

To break the pattern, Invest 99 is trying to form off the SC-GA coast and some say it could come to Central Florida. I doubt it though.

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