Pirate From the Caribbean

Pirate From the CaribbeanMy costume for Halloween tonight was that I was a Pirate FROM the Caribbean. I rocked in the hammock, wore a Caribbean shirt, and we played Caribbean Steel Pan Band music all night as we handed out candy in our driveway. (hey, I think it’s at least as good as going as a Facebook page or a YouTube page)

The best part was when a group of kids came by and asked me a series of questions like “Are you a real pirate?” and “Is that a real sword?” I, of course, answered yes to both (it really was a real sword). I told the parents I was a Pirate from the Caribbean and they loved it. We even had an empty bottle of rum behind me.

I think the scariest thing about Halloween is the fear of running out of candy!

Liquid on a Plane

Earlier this week, in the House of Lords (British Parliament), there was a debate among the Lords about the restrictions on carrying liquids onto a plane. Baron Bassam of Brighton was giving a report on how well things are going with the liquid restrictions:

We continuously monitor the effectiveness of, in particular, the liquid security measures…The fact that there has not been a serious incident involving liquid explosives indicates, I would have thought, that the measures that we have put in place so far have been very effective.”

So because there’s been no incidents with explosives and liquids, the security measures must be great! It’s of course the same reason there are no elephants in my backyard — I have tight security to keep them out.

The Baron of Battersea asked:

My Lords, when these measures were first introduced, there was a complete prohibition on taking tubes of toothpaste or any liquids. This was subsequently changed. Why?

The good Baron Bassam replied:

I can only assume that it was because the level of threat from a tube of toothpaste was considered rather less than that from a bottle of liquid.

Ahh! Of course. Then came the best question ever asked in this context. The Baron Elton asked:

What damage can be done by 105 millilitres of liquid that cannot be done by 100 millilitres of liquid?

Baron Bassam baffled:

My briefing does not extend to that. I suspect that this is based on science.

I dunno, this story just makes me snicker.

I Not Scared

Here’s my Halloween story.

Last week when my family was down, we went to Disney. The day we went to the Magic Kingdom we stayed after for Micky’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

After the parade, we had about 30 minutes left before the park closed so we grabbed the girls and headed for, where else but the Haunted Mansion! I got to take Victoria in my arms (the 2 year old).

She’s so awesome! And I knew going on a ride like that at night with her could be a challenge. But kids that age react to how you react. So we prepped her. We laughed, kept her moving, and had her keep repeating phrases we’d say. She loves doing this so we took advantage of it.

One of her phrases is “I not scared!” We used this one to our advantage a lot. We’d say it, she’d repeat it. We were in line and we laughed, she’d laugh and say “I not scared!”

And she never was!

Throughout the ride we kept entertaining her and making lite of everything. “Look, it’s a dance party” and “it’s dinner time” and “bye bye ghost”. She loved it! She was waving to all the ghosts and having a great time.

I not scared!

stages of time

Genuine Fake WatchesLast week I was talking with my 5 year old niece. She wanted me to go outside and play. I told her I would “later”. She said she’d be gone by then (apparently kids know what “later” means to adults).

I told her I couldn’t go “now” but that wasn’t good enough for her. So I had to explain that time (present and future) can be in one of 4 places:

  • now
  • after now
  • before later
  • later

We decided to go outside “before later”. Truth be told, I think we went out “after now”.

Tropical Storm Noel

When I redesigned this place, I threw away the little Tropical Storm Status box that I used to have over there on the right. I thought about putting it back, but I figured the season was slowing down so much (and will be over at the end of November) that I wouldn’t bother.

Then Tropical Storm Noel Awakes The Hurricane Season.

Oh well. I think I’m still going to leave it off for now. It doesn’t look like Noel will do much anyway.

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