Florence, Italy

Overlooking FlorenceFlorence, Italy was our first stop on our Mediterranean vacation. It wasn’t part of the cruise. Well, actually there was a stop on the cruise to a port where we could go to Florence or Pisa. So we went a few days early to spend two nights in Florence.

We pretty much just walked the city on our own. We took a bus to a plaza where we could overlook the city. From there we just took the day walking, shopping, and just wandering around our way back home.

The next morning we toured the Duomo of Florence (wikipedia, my photos) which was amazing. The facade was probably the most impressive part of it!

DavidThe biggest highlight for me was seeing Michelangelo’s David (wikipedia, my photo). We sat there amazed at the detail and size of the sculpture.

Also the wine and pizza was really good!

I have a sampling of our photos from our stay in Florence. You can view the set or slideshow.

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