rob’s new place

I’ve overhauled this place so I encourage all you subscribers to stop by and see the real thing. Leave a comment. What do you think about my new place?

Oh, and a bit of housekeeping: if you get email updates from this site from Feedblitz, I’m going to be canceling that soon. Instead I’m switching over to the one offered by Feedburner. So, if you want to get daily email updates from this blog, you need to subscribe to rob’s place email via Feedburner.

And of course you can always subscribe to rob’s place RSS feed if you haven’t already.

So have a look around the new digs and leave a comment on what you think. Anything I should add, subtract, multiply, or divide on the site?

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  • Looks very nice Rob, I like the combination of colors you picked and everything looks very organized and easy to navigate.

  • Looks great, Rob.
    I am thinking that your “puting” should be “putting” with 2 letter ts. Is that right?
    OH…and I just noticed you don’t have the box to receive follow-up comments on this post. I really liked that feature.

  • Like the rounded corners. Very 2.0. And by rounded corners, I mean the corners on the button where we get to make comments. There are no rounded corners elsewhere.

  • rob

    @Jill : thanks for the spell check! I’m not a god speller. And for the follow-up comments via email, that is now fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t notice.

    @everyone else so far : Thanks!

  • Looks great! I like it a lot!

  • Looks good, Rob!

  • @Karin: What rounded corners?