On Board the Emerald Princess

On board the Princess EmeraldSo this was the boat we spent 12 nights on: The Emerald Princess of Princess Cruises. It was my first cruise and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I was afraid of sea sickness or worse, land-sickness (the feeling of the boat swaying or rocking when you’re on dry land). But I did great! There were only a couple of times that the boat was rockin’.

There was good-to-decent food all the time and free cookies. This cruise was set so that it was a Mediterranean ‘sampler’, or as my step-father-in-law said, “The Reader’s Digest of the Mediterranean”. The reason was because we would usually sail at night and when we’d wake up we’d be in a new port. We’d explore the city, come back about dinner time, have some after-dinner entertainment, go to bed, and wake up again in a new city!

Leaving it all behindSo, yes, I’d highly recommend a cruise. Especially this one. Patricia and I had a lot of fun, stopped in a lot of great places, and felt somewhat relaxed. I say ‘somewhat’ because we stayed busy, but it was our own choosing.

I have a sampling of our photos of the Emerald Princess. You can view all of them here.

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