Venice, Italy

Venice, Red and BrightAfter staying in Florence for a couple of nights, we took a 3-hour train ride over to Venice, Italy. It was nice, but let’s just say that once we got off the train our adventures really got started!

We were lugging all of our bags trying to figure out how to get to our place for the night. The only way to get on the island was by boat or walking bridge. The bridges were too far and too much walking (and dragging bags) so we tried to figure out the water taxi situation. It wasn’t the easiest.

Busy Grand CanalBut we managed to finally get to the island. But once on there, the streets are narrow and very confusing! We were literally lost for about 2 hours walking around (did I mention we were pulling all of our luggage?) around the streets, stairs, and bridges of Venice.

Yes, it almost sounds romantic but believe me, at that time, it wasn’t. We had no communication and though many locals tried to help us, it turned out that the address we were given was wrong! After enjoying (more like dazed and confused) dinner in an open square in the cool of the evening, a waiter finally figured out the problem and we got to the apartment.

The next day we didn’t have much time so we took the water taxi down the Grand Canal over to Piazza San Marco, or St. Marks Plaza (wikipedia, my photos). There is the Doge’s Palace where the seat of Venetian government sat.

Cruising the Grand CanalAfter that we went home, packed up, and headed for the cruise boat. And oh that was an adventure also! Lots more walking and lugging bags because we got off at the wrong spot. But we finally made it and when the ship pulled out of port the next day, we actually cruised down the Grand Canal!

So we didn’t have the best time in Venice, but we don’t blame the city. We feel like we have ‘unfinished business’ there and would love to return. Our stay was much too short and logistics were not in our favor.

I have a sampling of our photos from our short stay in Venice. You can view the set or slideshow.

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