Mykonos, Greece

White and blueWe spent half a day in Mykonos, Greece after setting off from Istanbul. This was another stop I really had no expectations for. I’ve heard a lot about the Greek Isles, but I didn’t know much specific to Mykonos. However, after spending a little time there watching the locals (and plenty of tourists), it’s a very relaxed place. I could totally see this as a place to come and relax for a few days.

An alley in MykonosAll of the houses and stores are painted bright white with blue shutters. Seeing them one after the other and going up and down the narrow alleyways I realized this was indeed a very beautiful island. Patricia and I walked through the town shopping and taking in the scenes. We made it to the top of a small mountain range (really it was a tall hill but it sounds better than ‘we walked up a hill range’). The view from there overlooking the rooftops was quite beautiful.

We took a taxi out to a beach for about an hour. It’s called “Paradise Beach” but I wouldn’t say it deserved the name. To be honest, if you’ve been to some Caribbean beaches or some of the Florida Gulf Coast beaches like Sanibel Island, you’ve seen more beautiful beaches. Not that is was ugly there. It was unique and certainly had it’s beauty. But paradise it was not.

Local FishermanOne of the more interesting things on the beach was the attire. Let’s just say that many of the women there wear a one-piece suit.

I have a sampling of our photos from our half-day in Mykonos. You can view the set or slideshow.

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