Naples, Italy

Lightpost AlleyAfter leaving Mykonos, we spent a day at sea. The next morning we awoke at port in Naples, Italy. It was interesting because of all our stops, we received more warnings about walking around this city. They said it was dirty, traffic would run pedestrians over, and pick-pockets were everywhere.

So we decided to walk on into the city. 🙂

We wanted to try and get out to Capri or the Amalfi Coast, or even Pompeii, but instead we still needed rest and thought a relaxing stroll around Naples, a pizza and wine for lunch, and stroll back would suit us well. And that’s what we did.

Naples actually had a lot of beauty. You just had to look for it. I tried to capture some of it with my camera and I think I was able to in spots. It didn’t live up to (or down to) the hype. It was a pleasant day.

Castle NuovoWe found a little place outside for some pizza (though I think the pizza in Florence was better). We did some window shopping and walked past the Castel Nuovo, also known as the New Castle. It’s so new that it wasn’t built until the late 1200s. A bonus when walking by this castle was there was a new excavation site right beside it. Nothing to see yet, but it was just cool seeing them digging up something “new”!

Me and VesuviusThe best part about Naples was staring at Mount Vesuvius. It’s a beautiful volcano and just knowing the history of it (read: Pompeii) is quite amazing. We got back to the ship early and I went up on deck with my iRob and just sat and started at it for about an hour.

I have a sampling of our photos from our day in Naples. You can view the set or slideshow.

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