Quick Update

It’s been a really busy [fill in the blank with any amount of time measurement] and haven’t given a lot of personal blog posts…though I have been updating about our cruise. I hope to get it finished this week and get back to regular blogging.

In the mean time, I have had time to update the look of my place, get the email subscriptions working properly, and updating my Headlines of Others (formally known as “Good Now”). Speaking of the new look, if you haven’t looked around the place, I’ve added a few frequently updated sections: Latest Status box, list of my Latest Fotos uploaded to Flickr, my Latest Bookmarks saved in del.icio.us, of course the Headlines of Others I’m finding interesting across the blogosphere, and a box each for Recent Comments in this place and Foto Comments on my photos uploaded in Flickr.

So keep hanging out. We’ll get this place jumping again soon.

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