Marseille, France

Full HarborPisa was our last stop in Italy. Seems this cruise was centered around just about everything in Italy with a few stops in a few other places. Our first stop after leaving Italy was Marseille, France. I had no idea what to expect. I knew it would be a pretty place, but didn’t have many expectations. It turned out to be a very nice day.

We took a bus to the harbor area and were dropped off by a fish market. They sold just about anything and everything that came out of the water! I was walking by checking it all out and saw a patron pick up an octopus off the ground and hand it to the vendor. Apparently the octopus had attempted a daring escape. When he was put back into his bowl to be sold, I got this little video of him.

YouTube – octopus spitter

Fountains of the Old PalaceMost of the rest of the day was a quiet walk in perfect weather up some streets to an old palace. In the middle atop the hill was a huge water fountain. On either side were large buildings that are now museums. It was very beautiful up there and the view was incredible.

Afterwards we wandered back down the hill to the boat. Not a lot that we did there, but that was good. It was peaceful, calm, and all together a good day.

I have a sampling of our photos from our day in Marseille. You can view the set or slideshow.

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