Latest Top 10 Randomness Online

I’ve been running across a lot of pure randomness online. It’s a lot of fun! I usually share these items, but I wanted to highlight my favorite latest top 10 items in case you missed them.

  1. Best Wildlife Photos of 2007 Announced
  2. Red-haired Neanderthals? Possibly, scientists say
  3. Presidential Debate Bingo
  4. Video: Zombies in Plain English
  5. Things considered a big deal in Europe but not in the States – Part 3: the Smart Car
  6. Nice catch
  7. Pirate Lore: 7 Myths and Trrrrruths About Pirates!
  8. Hello Kitty AK-47
  9. Polar Bear playing with Husky
  10. The Best Mastercard Commercial Ever

Oh, and to add to the randomness of this site, I’ve added a link at the bottom of each post that will take you to a random post somewhere here in rob’s place. Have fun randomly exploring!

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