Tropical Storm Noel

When I redesigned this place, I threw away the little Tropical Storm Status box that I used to have over there on the right. I thought about putting it back, but I figured the season was slowing down so much (and will be over at the end of November) that I wouldn’t bother.

Then Tropical Storm Noel Awakes The Hurricane Season.

Oh well. I think I’m still going to leave it off for now. It doesn’t look like Noel will do much anyway.

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  • Rob, perhaps it would be cooler to do something with the RSS feeds from the National Hurricane Center. I keep them as Live Bookmarks in my copies of Firefox.

  • rob

    @Jack : I’ve thought about it but they put out so many updates. I liked the other one better because it was much more simple and accurate. Really it’s more about not putting something on the blog than anything else. If I made room for the NHC RSS, I might as well use the widget thingy I had.