• loricrocker

    Well, I don’t really know proper “de-friending” etiquette, but I have found the need to do it once before. Unfortunately, I met up with this former “friend” at some event and it caused an uncomfortable moment when the person brought it up…but honestly, my Facebook wall is better for having done it.

  • Just defriend ’em. That’s always the best way to lose a friend.

    Or ask yourself, WWJD. He’d tell ’em to go sell all they have and give to the poor. Worked for Him.

    But hey Rob, better yet, just send ’em my way. Tell ’em they’ve been traded for a player to be named later.

  • P.S… More seriously, if the issue is the amount of News Feed items that come across your dashboard at Facebook, you can turn down the volumne, so to speak, by adjusting your News Feed Preferences. Maybe save a friend.

  • rob

    Yeah, those are all good thoughts. I actually toyed with the idea of sending some sort of mass message to all friends saying “nothing personal, but I’m starting over” then de-friend them all! After that, rebuild one-by-one.

    I thought of this while pruning an oak tree today. I thought, “I’d rather just cut this dang tree down anyway”. 😉