I Not Scared

Here’s my Halloween story.

Last week when my family was down, we went to Disney. The day we went to the Magic Kingdom we stayed after for Micky’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

After the parade, we had about 30 minutes left before the park closed so we grabbed the girls and headed for, where else but the Haunted Mansion! I got to take Victoria in my arms (the 2 year old).

She’s so awesome! And I knew going on a ride like that at night with her could be a challenge. But kids that age react to how you react. So we prepped her. We laughed, kept her moving, and had her keep repeating phrases we’d say. She loves doing this so we took advantage of it.

One of her phrases is “I not scared!” We used this one to our advantage a lot. We’d say it, she’d repeat it. We were in line and we laughed, she’d laugh and say “I not scared!”

And she never was!

Throughout the ride we kept entertaining her and making lite of everything. “Look, it’s a dance party” and “it’s dinner time” and “bye bye ghost”. She loved it! She was waving to all the ghosts and having a great time.

I not scared!

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