Pirate From the Caribbean

Pirate From the CaribbeanMy costume for Halloween tonight was that I was a Pirate FROM the Caribbean. I rocked in the hammock, wore a Caribbean shirt, and we played Caribbean Steel Pan Band music all night as we handed out candy in our driveway. (hey, I think it’s at least as good as going as a Facebook page or a YouTube page)

The best part was when a group of kids came by and asked me a series of questions like “Are you a real pirate?” and “Is that a real sword?” I, of course, answered yes to both (it really was a real sword). I told the parents I was a Pirate from the Caribbean and they loved it. We even had an empty bottle of rum behind me.

I think the scariest thing about Halloween is the fear of running out of candy!

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  • NICE!
    So how did the bottle of Rum get empty?!

  • rob

    it was poured out.

    mostly into coke.

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  • Leah

    I find it funny that kids out here in BC have to wear their winter jackets underneath their costumes while you sit in your hammock with just a t-shirt on. What a life of a pirate!

  • rob

    @Leah : well, I was a pirate FROM the Caribbean!

  • arrrr robbie, that’s a mighty ruf lad swingin in the hammock there…