Ten Whatchamacallits Quiz

Following is a list of 10 real items. Do you know what they are? (these are all English words for everyday items)

  1. Aglet
  2. Bollard
  3. Dingbat
  4. Ferrule
  5. Keeper
  6. Kerf
  7. Punt
  8. Philtrum
  9. Phosphenes
  10. Tragus

Ten Whatchamacallits And Their Real Names via haha.nu.

Here’s a paragraph I wrote to try and use them in context (leave a comment with yours — or as many as you can get in):

Today was a bad day. I cut my philtrum shaving. As I was riding my bike to the workshop I got the aglet ripped off my shoe. I didn’t realize it until I was tying off at the bollard. Today’s project was to make a bookshelf. After my first cut I tried to clean out the kerf with my ferrule but it didn’t work. Suddenly I felt my keeper brake! I was so mad that I let the dingbats fly! I needed some ‘me time’ so I shut my eyes tight and saw the phosphenes shining bright, bought a bottle with the smallest punt, and got my tragus pierced. What a day!

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