Time travel on Heroes

I really like the show Heroes. But time travel annoys me. It hasn’t been too bad on the series because it’s still entertaining, but here’s what I don’t like about time travel on Heroes:

First, well, I don’t mind when people jump into the future or something and get a glimpse of what’s going on. That’s okay. But I want them to come back.

But Hiro and his travels back to Feudal Japan have bugged me. If he’s screwing up, just jump back a few hours/days and try it again! He gets caught kissing the Princess and he knows he shouldn’t have done it. So go back 10 minutes and don’t kiss her!

Hiro can also stop time and interact in space (like move things, etc). So last night when he goes into the camp to destroy the guns, why not freeze time and get the explosion setup while time is stopped. No way anyone can interrupt if time is stopped.

Time travel gets on my nerves.

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  • hmm, i kinda know what you mean, robbie. i’ve just started watching this season and am enjoying it. but yeah, some of the story telling does get a bit hokey at times i find.

    with regards to hiro and the princess… she’s too old for him anyway so he needs to close his eyes and head back to today.

  • Umm, didn’t he?

  • rob

    @Sheldon : didnt he what?

    btw, the favicon plugin doesnt work here