Bypassing Thanksgiving

The red cups are hereI used to hate it when I would see all the Christmas commercials, decorations, the Starbucks red cups, and music on before Thanksgiving. But for some reason, I think this year the marketers are winning me over.

It’s really strange. I know we just had Halloween and Thanksgiving is next week, but I’m kinda getting in the mood for Christmas.

Strange I know but true nonetheless.

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  • I thought I knew you Rob.

  • Jen

    Me too! I used to hate it but this year I find myself strangely excited they started early. What is wrong with me????

  • rob

    @Sheldon : you don’t count. You already had your Thanksgiving!

  • Don’t feel bad. I, too, have been secretly excited a little early this year at the thought of holiday merriment and seeing all the Christmas decorations now being displayed for sale around town! I think for me, it is because the last few years have been so difficult personally, that I am desperate to find a reason to celebrate and to have some sort of joy to cling to! It puts me in a better frame of mind! Christmastime has always been my favorite time of year!!

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  • rob

    @Becky : man, I am so glad that this year is going to be different for you! It’s my favorite time also. Give us a call. We plan to be around all of December this year.

  • I don’t mind Christmas starting so early anymore. The time flies by anyway, and life is too short to be upset about the little things.

  • Cool! We’ll try to give you guys a call and hang out some time during the month! 🙂