Christmastime at Target

Its Christmastime at TargetSee what I mean? It’s everywhere.

We still have a couple weeks to Thanksgiving and Christmas is in full gear thanks to the marketers.

And I seem to be buying into it.

Though I refuse to upload my Christmas music to my iRob until Friday after Thanksgiving.

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  • we love target, robbie! in fact, we make trips across the border just to shop at target. most recently, angie found a box of huggies for almost half what we pay back home. craziness man! that means it’s cheaper for our baby to poo in the states than canada. wow.

    as for the xmas tunes… load ’em up, big boy! kimu loves his xmas music 🙂

  • rob

    @kimu : yeah, target is da’bomb. And I’m so happy for you that your loonies buy more south of the border for you. and as for the tunes, nope, i’m holding strong.