choose one of each

Chat: Skype vs Google Talk
Status: Twitter vs Facebook Status
Music: iTunes vs Winamp
Photos: Flickr vs Facebook photos
Portal: MyYahoo vs iGoogle
Bookmarks: vs normal bookmarks
Notifications: RSS vs eMail
Mobile: texting vs talking
Webmail: gMail vs Yahoo mail
Maps: Google Maps vs Mapquest
Blog: Blogger vs

If I had to pick one for each, I’d go with Skype, Twitter, Winamp, Flickr, iGoogle,, RSS, texting, gMail, gMaps and

Why? Skype is more versatile, but gTalk is clean and simple. I run both. Twitter is more freeing for updates (no “Rob is…”). I just switched to Winamp and though there’s a bit of a learning curve compared to iTunes, I like it better. Flickr because of tags and open community. iGoogle because much more versatile. because I can take it with me (though I use browser bookmarks for a few). RSS because it’s faster and just better. Texting because I don’t want to speak. gMail because it’s fast, mostly spam-free, and handles well. gMaps because it’s the best. because I feel it’s the most versatile freely hosted blog service available.

Each has it’s place, but if you had to pick one for each, what would you pick and why? Or would you write-in something else?

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  • I think I’d agree with most of your choices – except I’d go with talking over texting on the mobile front…

  • Skype, Twitter, iTunes (Mac), Flickr, iGoogle,, RSS, talking, gMail, gMaps and custom WordPress

  • Chat: Skype
    Status: neither
    Music: iTunes
    Photos: Flickr
    Portal: MiGoogle
    Bookmarks:, normal bookmarks – BOTH
    Notifications: RSS
    Mobile: talking
    Webmail: gMail
    Maps: Google Maps