run turkey runHow do you cook your Thanksgiving turkey? We’ve done a few different things in the past with it. Loads of garlic and butter, cook in a bag, and one year we brined a turkey following Alton Brown’s recipe. That one was awesome! Most tender turkey we’ve ever had. Once Patricia made Cornish Game Hens for Thanksgiving because it was just the two of us. Another time when we lived in Canada for a few months we went out for smoked salmon (couldn’t find a traditional meal).

Though we’ve never fried a turkey ourselves, we’ve had it with family before. It’s pretty good. And dangerous to make! So if you’re wanting to fry a turkey, do yourself a favor and watch Alton Brown’s tips on how to do it (embedded below in 3 vids)…

Alton Brown Fried Turkey 1/3

Alton Brown Fried Turkey 2/3

Alton Brown Fried Turkey 3/3

Now my favorite “turkey” clip on TV is this one from the Family Feud in England (we still laugh about this clip all the time):

Family Feud British Guy answers Turkey to everything

Whatever you do this Thanksgiving, just cook your turkey like a man.

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