before and after



By looking at these photos I bet you can tell what changed.

If you guessed that I parked the truck on the street in front of the neighbors, you’d only be 1/3 correct.

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  • Yeah, I was going to say the truck and the leaves. What do I win?

  • You moved the truck so the trees wouldn’t fall on it when they were cut down.

  • rob

    @Kevin : oh so sorry. it’s not just the leaves…it’s the trees too.

    @Jack : you listed a motivation, not what’s missing (though oh so true).

    So sorry guys, but I can’t accept your answers.

    The answer I was going for was 1. the truck was moved, 2. a tree was removed, 3. another tree was removed.

    Thanks for playing and better luck next time.

  • Dare I ask why you cut down those beautiful trees in your front yard? In Florida, I thought we homeowners cherish any trees we can find in our yards these days. So sad….

  • @Rob: Excuse me? I said truck (singular) and trees (plural). There’s two trees in the first picture that aren’t in the second. I think my answer is acceptable!

  • rob

    @Jack : upon further review, the call in the comments is overturned. the commenter was correct.

    @Becky : yeah, less oxygen in the air around our house is a bummer. but we have plenty in the back. these trees were not just ugly, but becoming a problem. we plan to replant a palm or two eventually. this is step one.