Make Yellow Pages Green

Make Yellow Pages GreenI got so ticked off last week when we got four (4!) huge, heavy Yellow Pages from Bell South and AT&T. It’s such a waste of energy, space, resources, and time. I took ours from the front door and took them straight to the recycle bin.

I haven’t used any of these books for years. I use google. Just search and you’ll get the phone number. Just that easy.

So I looked up on google the phone number for Bell South and called them. They transferred me three times. Finally the last guy said, “wait, you’re not one of our customers?” “No, not for a few years now. But we get your Yellow Pages every year.” “Humm. Well there’s nothing I can do about it without an account number.”

So we’ll keep getting them and putting them into our recycle bin.

Oh, then this week we got two more of these books from Embarq (formally Sprint). Sigh.

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  • If your store is near your normal travels, you could take them back to their to be reused (there’s a reason Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are presented in the order they are). Alternatively, you could take them to the office to be used by someone else.

  • rob

    @Jack : yes, I suppose we could. I’m not sure where their offices are located and I know it’s not along our normal routes. We just put them all in the recycle bin. But what kills me is that we’re not a customer of them and they can’t stop sending it to us because they can’t put a “stop order” on us since we don’t have an account!