Merry Christmas Adam!

Merry Christmas Adam!My family and I have a small and kind of silly tradition today. We wish each other, and everyone else, a “Merry Christmas Adam!” today because it’s December 23.

You see, tomorrow is Dec 24 which is Christmas Eve. Adam was before Eve. Therefore today, Dec 23 must be Christmas Adam!

Yeah, it’s silly, but it’s a fun little tradition for us.

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  • You are the first person outside of the office here in Budapest to mention Christmas Adam. This office has celebrated Christmas Adam for the last 15 years or so. Weird that I posted it in my status about the same time you did. We’ll have around 100 folks at the party tonight. It is the social event of the year for our office.

    Merry Christmas Adam.

    PS There are many possibilities for Dec 22nd.
    Christmas Adam Eve
    Christmas Eden
    Christmas God (I guess every other day is Christmas God)

  • that’s a clever and fun little tradition! we just might have to adopt that in ’08!