PSA: Make a New Year’s Day Checklist

used batteries ?Before I get into this post, I just have to say that I found on amazon something quite humorous. Did you know people sell used batteries on the internets? I had no idea.

Anyway, I’m trying to make a habit out of a few things to do on New Year’s Day:

  • Change Batteries: and I mean everywhere in the house. Most importantly are the smoke alarms. Almost just as important are the remote control batteries for our TV, stereo, and DVD player.
  • Trash Expired Stuff: mostly medicine, vitamins, and food. Really anything with an expiration date. I just find it easier on New Year’s Day to find expired items. I don’t have to look at the month or day of expiration. I just look at the year! Hooray!
  • Backup Computer: should do it more often than once a year, but New Year’s Day is a good time to do it also.
  • Watch Football: hey, how did this get so far down the list?
  • Bible Reading Plan: I have a plan to read the Bible chronologically. I like that better than cover-to-cover straight through or those plans that have you jumping all around the Bible. Read it like a story in chronological order is much better.
  • Clean the Coffee Maker: I mean a good cleaning. Wiping, filtering, just whatever. Get that sucker cleaned up!
  • Self-clean the Oven: that is if it’s cold enough. You know, when you lock it down and it gets to like 700 degrees and chars everything inside? Tip: put your cast iron skillets in there during self clean!

Notice that although there are several things listed, they don’t take a lot of my energy. I like accomplishable tasks with minimal effort!

Do you have a checklist for 01-01-08?

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  • Happy New Year!(‘s eve)

    I’m planning on cleaning the fridge today, but I clean the coffee pot either every day or every other day!

    On New Years Day, I’m a resolutioner. So, I like to spend it (shocking, I know), at Starbucks or something journaling. Which reminds me, I always buy a new journal to start the year off fresh. And, I always go for a run every New Years because I think it will magically form into a habit again, but it’s usually gone by Februrary….

  • Rob,
    You forgot to list “Clean out the Fridge”. 🙂