24Here’s something you may not know about me — although I like to keep up with what’s on TV, my wife and I have never seen the show “24”.

But a combination of the writer’s strike, lack of good TV during the holidays, and friends who have the DVD sets has now allowed us to start getting caught up.

Tonight we finished Season 2. This show is intense! You’d think we’d be able to catch up quickly since each season is just a day, but it takes us about a week or so.

And I tell ya, if you’re able to not keep up with the story line with current seasons, watching these on DVD is the way to go! No commercials allows us to watch one episode in about 40 minutes. It’s fairly easy to knock out 4 of them in one night. But you should either borrow or buy them. Don’t rent them, at least at Blockbuster. It’s just under $5 for 1 disk which comes to about $30 for a season. Target had them on sale for $20 last week. We were tempted!

Some random “24” thoughts:

  • I guess Jack normally has pretty good days. But every once in a while, he’ll have a heckuva day!
  • Watching the bonus disk’s deleted scenes I remembered that they were deleted for a reason!
  • Dern, Nina! Dangit, Mike!
  • The only thing I don’t like about Jack so far is that he acts like he’s above the law. But he is a results-kind-of-guy!
  • I’m ready for Kim to grow up a bit. She’s too naive.
  • Season 2 had too many filler stories. For example, Kim and the store owner, Kim and the loner in the woods, and the cat fighting at CTU. Just felt like they didn’t contribute much to the whole story. At least not like in Season 1 where it felt every side-story contributed.
  • My wife assures me that Tony is not played by Donny Osmond. I trust her, but don’t believe her.

So maybe this weekend or next week we’ll start Season 3. Or maybe we’ll take a break. It’s been 48 hours now and we’ve got 72 more to go on DVD.

Don’t spoil me, bro.

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  • I *love* 24 but I kinda have to disagree with you. I don’t think there’s enough Kim on the show!! 😉

  • According to Wikipedia, Patricia is wrong. (No link, so I can’t be responsible if you visit Wikipedia and spoil yourself, bro).

  • Tony is better looking than Donny.