Tiger Strong

If you’ve been paying attention to the interwebs and you tubes, then you may have seen the video clip at then end of this post of a wild tiger effortlessly jumping up and attacking a man on top of an elephant.

And if you’ve paid attention to the news, a tiger cleared a twelve-foot wall and mauled a guy at a San Francisco zoo on Christmas Day.

National Geographic put together an article called How High Can They Jump? Tiger Strength Reconsidered:

In an incident at a national park in Nepal in 1974, an enraged Bengal tiger protecting her cubs mauled a researcher who had climbed into a tree. The tiger managed to climb onto a 15-foot-high (4.5-meter-high) limb.

“She just went right up and she didn’t have much to hold onto. She clearly made that jump without much problem,” said Melvin Sunquist, a professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Florida and an expert on tigers.

Dale Miquelle, director of Wildlife Conservation Society’s program in Russia, said he has seen tigers do many unusual things, such as climbing to the top of large trees when incensed—something tigers don’t normally do.

What animals normally do, and what they can do, are often very different things,” Miquelle said.

Louis Dorfman [animal behaviorist and chairman of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Texas] said his tigers have never tried to scale their fences, but warned: “With provocation, they’re capable of unbelievable aggression and power. These cats are a combination of strong instincts, strong emotion and no inhibition.”

And tigers in a zoo usually don’t display their abilities as those in the wild:

tigers in captivity generally cannot jump as high as those that are in top condition from hunting in the wild.

All I know is that a tiger is the most beautiful, dangerous, and awesomest animal in the world.

YouTube – Tiger Jump

BTW, the video of the attack was from 2004 and the guy lost three fingers to that tiger.

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  • gini

    its really phenominal….tigers are really the most cutest n dangerous.but now that they are vanishing..government should take some steps 2 save them.