American Idol? Nah.

It felt like everyone I know was all abuzz about American Idol starting tonight.

Peoples, I implore you. Pay no attention to it. Focus. If you wait your patience will be rewarded for we have upcoming:

  • Jan 31 :: LOST Season 4
  • Feb 03 :: Super Bowl 42
  • Feb 07 :: Survivor 16
  • Feb 12 :: Big Brother 9

Okay, so 3 outa 4 ain’t bad, right?

PS. Or indulge in American Gladiators. I smiled and enjoyed it the whole time!

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  • I’ve never watched American Idol and sure don’t plan to start now. Several folks that I know from around here that used to watch it fanatically say that after last season they are done with it.
    I’m not sure what happened last year?

    Of course, I’ve also never watched Lost, but with this writers strike making the garbage on TV even more putrid, perhaps this will be a good chance to watch the dvd’s and get up to date with that…

  • Re P.S. I now know everything that is wrong with Television today…and it is Rob Williams.

  • rob

    @Brent: have you actually seen AG? fluff, cheese, spandex, and people wrestling each other. What’s not to like?