Back to the days of 3.5

3.5" floppysMy aunt snail mailed us a .jpg file on a 3.5″ floppy disk. What in the world am I supposed to do with that?

Might as well send me .mp3 files on an 8-track.

No, that analogy probably isn’t right. An 8-track would go with the 5.25″ floppys and the 3.5″ floppy would go with a cassette tape. I think.

Oh it doesn’t matter. I did find a spare internal 3.5″ drive from a laptop I had several years ago but it doesn’t plug into my “new” laptop that is 3 years old.

I spent about 45 minutes in a Dell chatroom waiting for help just to find out Dell offers nothing to help me. Get this, my chat support guy was named “Max Mace”. How cool is that? But he told me I can’t use those drives. Oh, yeah, I said “those”. I found a zip drive and remembered we have files on zip disks too.

So I just ordered a cable to plug them into USB. I hope it works. And if it does, I’m moving all of those files off and onto a USB drive.

Who needs Mac’s Time Machine when you can do this instead?

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  • You’re a better man than I am. I would have mailed her a flash drive and asked her to “do over”. 🙂

  • My poor aunt has just recently starting using email. I thought about telling her that but decided against it.

  • Dad Williams

    Some of us OF’s (Old Foogys) still have 3.5 drives. Snail mail it to me, and I shoot it back down.

  • Hahaha.

    Oh man, I thought the 10 forwards a day from grandparents was quirkily funny. That is great!

  • rob

    I’ve gotten two different offers to mail the disk to someone and they’d put it in a new format for me. Thanks everyone! I ordered the cable though so that hopefully I can take several old files and put them on a usb drive. And the cable should work for the zip drive also which no one seems to have.

  • rob

    Oh yeah, at least I was able to get a decent photo out of several of those disks. They did prove to be useful after all.