Central Florida Flickrs is 2 Today

Happy Birthday to a group/community I started 2 years ago today: Central Florida Flickrs.

I started it 2 years ago today because I saw a need for people on Flickr who lived in the same area to share their work. There was already a group called “Orlando, Florida”. It is for photos of Orlando. I created “Central Florida Flickrs” for people of Central Florida.

If you are a photo taker and live in Central Florida, please, you’re invited to be a part of our group.

Here’s why I’m so pleased with this group:

I’m impressed that we have over 400 members and 18,000 photos in the pool. But you know what’s really cool? At least 150 conversations on the boards!

They call this a group on Flickr, but I have experience with this sort of thing. This group has turned into a community and I think that’s really cool. I’ve tried to stay ‘hands off’ with the rules as much as possible and have only had to create 2 rules in response to abusers.

We’ve got people trying to help each other find jobs, get together for photo shoots, advice, and playing games.

This rocks!

Smile! It’s our Birthday!

Christmas Genie the Photographer

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