Did you double-dip?

The value of my Clemson diploma just went up.

A Clemson prof has prooved double dipping a chip is bad.

The way I would put it is, before you have some dip at a party, look around and ask yourself, would I be willing to kiss everyone here? Because you don’t know who might be double dipping, and those who do are sharing their saliva with you.

In a similar study, he also found that the 5-second rule is false. He obviously never saw this video.

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  • Thanks, Rob, for that video link. I’ll just rock myself to sleep tonight.

  • Yuk.

  • BYODB (Bring Your Own Dip Bowl) Double up all you want.

    Or break the chip before you dip.

  • I think if you look closely at the Seinfeld scene, you can see George rotates the chip before he double dips. So even though George Costanza has no problem double-dipping, Jason Alexander does.