mp3 jams

My nieces got mp3 players for Christmas but they only had two sample songs on there. That is until Uncle Rob came to the rescue!

I dug through my mp3s to find ones that would be suitable for them (man, that was an eye-opener to my own library!) and loaded them up with about 14 songs. Yeah, 14 songs on a 2-gig player ain’t much, but they are loving it!

See? I’ll show you…

mp3 jammin

Silent listener

Victoria likes mp3s

Lera Martha told me that her sister’s is pink and her’s is white and that could be a problem if she dropped it in the snow (it rarely snows in SC). I was able to convince her if she just went and pressed play on it while it’s in the snow she’d be able to find it…and besides, if her sister dropped hers in cotton candy then she’d have to same problem.

I love my nieces!

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