My missing Birthday post

Due to the ‘bump’ last night, I’m reposting some posts that were missing. I’m compiling many of them to make it easier though I’m going to lose the old links. oh well. whatever.

Here is a post on Birthdays that was missing…

I’m home sick today. It’s that bug that makes me really tired, then makes me cough one day, then makes my throat hurt another day, then makes my nose run another day, blah blah yuck.

So, here’s some random thinking…

Barack Obama is going to be our next President. It’s not necessarily who I’m endorsing, it’s just my gut feeling that he will win. I just feel that the country doesn’t want — 1. Another Republican, and 2. Another Clinton. Like I said, it’s just my gut feeling.

Speaking of Obama, if he does win the Presidency, how long will it take the spell-checking softwares to not count his name as a misspelling?

Oh, and I am very tempted to vote for Obama, not necessarily for his policies, but because he and I share the same birthday. He was born exactly 10 years before me on Aug 4, 1961 (yes, the math would lead you to realize my birthday is Aug 4, 1971). How could I not support an Auggie-Quatro?

And speaking of Aug 4, though I really don’t care about NASCAR, I do have a favorite: Jeff Gordon. Again, not because I like him or his racing record or the way he can handle a left-hand turn, but because we share the same birth date. He was born Aug 4, 1971. We’re the exact same age. How could I not root for an Auggie-Quatro?

And yes, my reasoning is akin to someone rooting for the Carolina Panthers because they wear teal and that’s their favorite color. Wait, bad example. Why do the Panthers wear teal? That’s just messed up.

But you get the point.

And if I were to be anywhere consistent with this line of thinking, my favorite baseball player should be Roger Clemens and my favorite actor would be Billy Bob Thornton. But alas, it just doesn’t work that way all the time.

So long live Obama, George, and me! I think the three of us should have a party on Aug 4 this summer. We would celebrate with a bottle of Dom Perignon’s Champagne (he invented it on Aug 4 you know).

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