My missing NASCAR posts

Due to the ‘bump’ last night, I’m reposting some posts that were missing. I’m compiling many of them to make it easier though I’m going to lose the old links. oh well. whatever.

These are a couple of posts on NASCAR that were missing…

The other day I came up with an idea for a NASCAR commercial. Simple. Short. And I think kinda funny.

At the end it could have the logo and say “NASCAR is Back” or something.

What do you think? You get it?

YouTube – NASCAR Returns (proof of concept commercial)

Well, even though this will make my third post about NASCAR this week, I’m not really a fan. First I made a commercial for NASCAR then I told you why Jeff Gordon is the guy I follow. So maybe I’ll tune in today and watch the biggest event the sport has to offer.

I’m going to open up a bottle of a fine merlot and serve it up with some goat cheese on some fine wafer crispbread crackers with a little drop of honey on top. I think I have the right food for a NASCAR viewing, right?

If my humor isn’t good enough, how about this NASCAR joke from a real comedian?

YouTube – NASCAR Funny – Alonzo Bodden

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