My missing Retirement posts

Due to the ‘bump’ last night, I’m reposting some posts that were missing. I’m compiling many of them to make it easier though I’m going to lose the old links. oh well. whatever.

These are two posts on LOST that were missing…

Today Patricia and I are announcing our official retirement from Campus Crusade.

Some have asked about the word ‘retirement’. The way we see it is there are many different words to describe “not working for someone anymore”. We have these different words to describe motivation, context, and emotion. We decided this was the best word to describe it.

Check out our family blog for the details.

As you know by now, both my wife and I are retiring from our service with Campus Crusade. Though I don’t post a lot here about that part of our life, I thought you might at least be mildly interested in what our time has been like there. So we put together Our Staff Career Slideshow.

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  • That’s a great slideshow, Rob! It’s nice to see examples of what you all have done in your time there and the different experiences you and Patricia have had along the way! God Bless in your journey forward!