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As you know I’m looking for a new job. We are looking to stay in the Orlando area first simply because we are so well connected to friends and our church. However, we are open to relocate.

Since my family is in the Greenville, SC area and much of Patricia’s family is in the Washington, DC area, we are also looking from Atlanta up to DC for opportunities. We are East Coast people, but if we needed to move off the right-coast, then we wouldn’t mind Denver or Seattle!

We are not necessarily looking to stay in a non-profit or faith-based organization. In fact, we feel we should be entering the private sector.

My typical cover letter says something like the following:

My name is Rob Williams and I’m an Internet Strategist and Online Interactive Specialist. I’ve had several years of Internet marketing and online social interaction and have spent a lot of time training others in our global organization to learn how to be more effective by using the Internet well.

I have a firm grasp on emerging media marketing techniques and social media. The way people access the web and communicate is changing. Google is ready to change the rules once again and social media interaction is on the rise. I know how to use these tools to stay ahead of the curve and accomplish organizational goals effectively.

Please contact me at the address and phone number below. I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, you can download the freshest copy of my resume at or connect with me on LinkedIN at

Thank you for your consideration.

As for Patricia, we are hoping that we will be in a position to allow her to focus on healing and do some freelance graphic design.

If you felt so lead, we’d appreciate any referrals, recommendations, or leads on any new roles for us. If so, please contact us, connect on LinkedIN, and/or send them to my resume. Below are links to my resume in various formats available for download, a link to my LinkedIN profile, and my new contact information.

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  • Hey Rob, I’ve had lots of dealings with the local recruitment agencies in the past – I never needed their services until now, but they are always getting good referrals and opportunities.

    Veredus is one I know of, and they’ve sponsored BarCamp (I think) and the Ruby User’s Group (not that I’m a member). Community-minded and I have talked to at least 3 of the folks – they’re nice.

  • rob

    Thanks. Those seem a little more tech-oriented than I’m looking though. I’m more of a marketer, communicator, and strategist with the internet.

    Though I’m planning on going to BarCampOrlando the second day.