Free SEO eBook that’s short and decent

I just read through a 15 page eBook called The Easy SEO Report Launches – SEO Advice and Money by Josh Spaulding. It’s not bad.

If you have a website or thinking about having a website, this is a nice, short eBook that will take you through some of the basics easily (though he talks about buying links, I’m not a fan of that).

One day I need to write one of these myself. Everything he talked about are things I’ve touched on through my Internet consulting and teaching.

Anyway, download it here if you’re interested.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Just so you know, I supposedly get 20 cents per referral who downloads his free eBook. Meh. Whatever.

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  • 20 cents coming your way…

  • rob

    ha ha! w00t! I hope a few more do it also. I have no idea what I can buy for 20 cents. That can’t even get get me one play at an old arcade game!