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I told you about a week or so ago that I had several announcements to make over the next few weeks. Today I’m going to make another one.

Since it’s good to do something memorable on February 29, I have launched a new website that I think should be interesting to many, many people. The site is called and interestingly enough can be found by typing in ““.

I’m convinced that there are many people who understand how to use their computers and the internet in ways to help them just do a few things. They know they could probably learn how to do much more but they are either unmotivated or intimidated by the thought.

It’s my goal to not just present new and interesting things. Instead, I want to help others be more streamlined with their life by using the internet and their computer more effectively. And I think you can have more fun when taking advantage of some of these tools and tips.

So I want to write technology tips, tools, and tutorials to not just help, but motivate someone as to why use this tip?

I am aiming this site to be the best place for tools, tips, and tutorials related to technology:

A spoon is a tool that is often needed to do some tasks well. The same thing is true of new technologies — these tips and tools aren’t always needed, but when used, they are quite effective for helping you accomplish your goal. The “spoons” presented here will make your life better, easier, efficient, and effective in your Internet life.

It’s also my desire that it turn into a community of people sharing tips with each other. I’ll present at least one way to do something, in the comments you can tell us other ways. That’s fine with me. If it needs a new post, I’ll do that. But I want it to be an interactive place.

So I invite you to stop by as I get it started. Choose one of the multiple ways to be notified of something new, and join the conversation!

Today is just the welcome day
. This weekend the tips begin. Feel free to use the website logo in this post to help spread the word and join the new community at!

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