Disney’s Animal Kingdom – DAK

When I go on stage, I am in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, also known as DAK. I’m glad about that too because it is a great park — possibly my favorite next to EPCOT.

I like that this park is laid back and more relaxed. In fact, this is the only park of the four Walt Disney World Resort parks that the major icon is not visible when you first walk in the gates. The Magic Kingdom has Cinderella’s Castle, EPCOT has Spaceship Earth (the giant golf ball), and Hollywood Studios has Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat. All of these can be seen when you walk into the park.

Animal Kingdom of course has the Tree of Life, but you don’t see it when you enter. Instead you go into an Oasis. Why? To slow you down, help you relax. It’s not a rushed park. I dig that.

The park opened April 22, 1998 (Earth Day). The parking lot closed after 20 minutes on opening day because it was full.

DAK is the largest Disney park. In fact, it’s big enough to hold the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios combined. Here’s the map.

Though it features only two continents exclusively (Africa and Asia), there are plants from every continent (sans Antarctica) in the park. There are also over 300 species of animals in the park; over 300 animals on the Tree of Life.

Device Updates on Twitter

twitter logoI’m following over 100 tweeple on Twitter. Most are people but some are services. Since there are so many tweets going on all day, the ones from the services tend to get lost in the noise. So I’ve been working out a strategy to isolate a few tweeple to have them pulled out and notify me in real time.

I’m in beta testing and I think it’s working. Here’s how I’m now following Twitter:

1. I use the Firefox extension Twitterfox to keep up with all recent tweets — and I can update from it also. I used to use Twhirl and it was great, but the FF extension is much lighter and one less application to run.

2. I’m now using a feature on Twitter called “Device Update”. It’s an option for a way to follow someone. You can set it up to be SMS or IM. Since I don’t have nor want unlimited text messaging on my mobile, I set me up the Google Talk.

3. I looked through all of my friends I’m following and decided who to turn notifications on or off. Now I am selective as to which ones I want to call for my attention. The ones I follow and turn on the device update are now popping up in a Google Talk IM box immediately.

So who am I following with device updates? Here’s my list:

These services don’t update often, but when they do, I want to make sure they are separated from the noise and don’t get lost.

Are there any you would add to the list?

PS> You can follow me at twitter.com/orangejack.


If I had a donkey I’d name him Odie. Then he’d be Donkey Odie.

If I had an orangutan I’d name him Jack. Then he’d be Orangutan Jack.

If I could coin a new word, it would be “hysteriamentary”. It would be used to describe documentary films that use hysteria to make their point. It’s really an inconvenient truth to make this up in the 11th hour, but someone has to.

I’m probably the only person I know that was glad to see Brittney Spears trying to make a decent comeback on How I Met Your Mother this week.

When the shuttle lands in Florida, the double sonic boom scares me every time. Last night it shook the blinds.

If it weren’t for some Orlando rain last Saturday, I’d be fully trained as a Disney PhotoPass Photographer. We’ll fix that this Saturday morning.

I’m tired of Facebook, but I still think it’s funny that there are 25 people in a group I created called “People named Robert Williams“.

Twitter isn’t as effective for me as it is for others. I have a feeling that half of you don’t know what I mean by that.

Easter Sunday rocks. Every time.

I’m #2 going into the Sweet 16 in the Sleestack Madness bracket. I’m realizing I’d be #1, not if I picked better, but if I invited one less person.

How heathen have I become? I couldn’t think of a proper synonym for “bad ass” to describe Samuel Jackson.

Miss Guided is indeed not a bad show, but the name is perfect for a young, unmarried guidance counselor sitcom.

I cough whenever I eat a brown, spotted, or over-ripe banana. Yes, I have no logical reason for it nor can I find anything on the internets about it. But I swear it’s true.

You know what is a great rush? Getting Final Jeopardy right when all three contestants don’t. It’s happened to me twice.

Orangejack Shares > Orangejack FriendFeed but I like aspects of both.

I told a friend on Skype the other day that I’ll always shoot straight with him because I just don’t have time to mess around and lie.

I still can’t think of a proper way to describe Samuel Jackson.

Marketer or Marketeer?

I am a person who helps others learn about things that may be of service to them. That makes me a what?

A marketer?
A marketeer?

Someone told me today that I am a “marketeer”, not a “marketer”. I had no idea.

So I turned to the Google and what did it tell me?

The Free Dictionary say they are the same.
Wikipedia says there is a slight difference.
Google thinks “marketeer” is misspelled.

I think I agree more with the Pharma Marketing Blog though I am working at Disney part-time.

Since the Google couldn’t help me, I thought I’d ask you. What do you think?