170spoons out of the box

Well that was a fun first day! I launched 170spoons.com yesterday (Feb 29!) as a web community for the best tips, tools, and tutorials for using technology well in every day life.

🙂 I checked the stats this morning and found that about 500 people showed up yesterday!

🙁 But less than 20 are subscribed.

If you think you might find this site useful now, in the future for yourself, please consider subscribing!

If you think it could be useful for others, would you consider sharing it? One way is to digg it if you’re a member. Add it to your SubmbleUpon account if you have one. Share it with your Facebook friends. There are plenty of sites you can use to share it. Hop back over to 170spoons and click on the “Save & Share” button. Or on the “Share this” button for individual posts.

Thanks so much! And remember, visit 170spoons.com for the best tools, tips, and tutorials for technology!

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