Marketer or Marketeer?

I am a person who helps others learn about things that may be of service to them. That makes me a what?

A marketer?
A marketeer?

Someone told me today that I am a “marketeer”, not a “marketer”. I had no idea.

So I turned to the Google and what did it tell me?

The Free Dictionary say they are the same.
Wikipedia says there is a slight difference.
Google thinks “marketeer” is misspelled.

I think I agree more with the Pharma Marketing Blog though I am working at Disney part-time.

Since the Google couldn’t help me, I thought I’d ask you. What do you think?

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  • You, sir, are a consultant. (And I suggest that others seek your counsel!)

  • Ding ding

    Marketing Strategist is what I call myself instead of Marketer

  • Suze2012

    Both are correct, although I hear Marketeer more in Europe than in the states.

    I agree with the Pharma Blog. Marketeer also sounds like Racketeer! If an advertiser is an advertiser, then a marketer is a marketer.

  • Merekat

    The Free Dictionary does not say they are always the same. Yes 'marketer' and 'marketeer' are both equal in terms of meaning someone who sells, but 'marketeer' (and not 'marketer') also means someone who works in marketing. A person in marketing might design marketing strategies, but may not actual sell anything.