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twitter logoI’m following over 100 tweeple on Twitter. Most are people but some are services. Since there are so many tweets going on all day, the ones from the services tend to get lost in the noise. So I’ve been working out a strategy to isolate a few tweeple to have them pulled out and notify me in real time.

I’m in beta testing and I think it’s working. Here’s how I’m now following Twitter:

1. I use the Firefox extension Twitterfox to keep up with all recent tweets — and I can update from it also. I used to use Twhirl and it was great, but the FF extension is much lighter and one less application to run.

2. I’m now using a feature on Twitter called “Device Update”. It’s an option for a way to follow someone. You can set it up to be SMS or IM. Since I don’t have nor want unlimited text messaging on my mobile, I set me up the Google Talk.

3. I looked through all of my friends I’m following and decided who to turn notifications on or off. Now I am selective as to which ones I want to call for my attention. The ones I follow and turn on the device update are now popping up in a Google Talk IM box immediately.

So who am I following with device updates? Here’s my list:

These services don’t update often, but when they do, I want to make sure they are separated from the noise and don’t get lost.

Are there any you would add to the list?

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  • One of the things that has been a great breakthrough for me was to modify my @ reply settings. Instead of hearing one side of a lot of conversations, I now only cue in to @ replies between two people I am following.

  • Hey Rob,

    I prefer to read ALL my tweets through the IM client, so I actually find the process of clicking “Follow” and then “Notifications ON” to be tedious if I want to follow the 5 new people who seem to find me every day.

    I also have a rule, though. I don’t follow people if they’re following 2x more people than are following them.

    If it’s something like “Following 2500, 1250 Followers”, then I’m pretty sure most of those 1250 are fellow spammers or bots, and I don’t think I can get anything out of it.

    I still watch my @replies and if one of those people addresses me directly, then I follow them.

    That should be a post – twit-iquette.

  • rob

    @Kevin : how are you being notified of those tweets?

    @Ryan : yeah, I like your rule of 2x followers. I usually check that too. When I find out someone is following me, I check to see if they have a bio, website, and follower/following ratio. Then I decide.

  • Interesting, because in a way, you’ve created your own private little news portal. Neat idea.

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  • a random google click takes me to a fellow south carolinian and clemson fan.

    small world.